At first glance studying abroad is expensive. Therefore on the following pages we show what costs to expect and how to get financial support. We try to give you an overview of different scholarships in order to help you find the right financing alternatives.

Tuition fees

Students in Baden-Württemberg don’t have to pay tuition fees (Baden-Württemberg is a state in the southwest of Germany. Stuttgart is the state capital). You will be required to pay a contribution to the student union (Studentenwerk) of about €100 per semester and an administration fee of about €75.

As an exchange student at Stuttgart Media University, you won’t have to pay any tuition fees to the University, though you will also be required to pay a contribution to the student union (Studentenwerk) of about €100 per semester.

Costs of living

Experience shows that the life of a student in Stuttgart will probably end up costing €700 a month. This is an estimated amount including accommodation (€290), health insurance (€70), food, clothing, mobile phone, culture/tourism, hobbies (€310) and the costs for public transport (€30).

Student’s Jobs

Many students do have a student’s job in order to finance their lives on their own or to get some additional money to their scholarships & Co.

Companies offer special contracts for students that make it possible to work during the studies. Most of those jobs are based on a 10- to 20-hours working week.

In the job portal of the Media Master you can find various job offers that fit to your studies: student’s jobs, internships and thesis offers.

Opening a bank account

Having a bank account really is advisable in Germany as payments for room rent, telephone, etc. are carried out through bank transfer. For students the account processing is free.

During the welcoming week the International Office will assist you in opening an account so that you can transfer money from your home country to your German bank account.

Studying abroad without scholarship

Experience shows that most international students come without scholarship to Germany. In this case they must prove to the German foreign authority that they can finance their stay. That means they must provide a “financing proof “. This is approximately 700 € per month (compare to the living costs). Please bring an appropriate proof to Germany. This can be done by either showing a copy of a passbook at a value of xx Euros (= months * 700 €) or a proof over regular deposits in a current account.