Please note that our master programs are taught mostly in German, with the exception of some lectures which are taught and assessed in English. However, the language has not prevented students all around the world from successfully studying at out university and enriching our master programs.

Program Overview

The HdM Media Master contains three courses: Audio-Visual Media, Media Management, and Corporate Communications.

This course focuses on economic and managerial aspects. One the one hand, it does not only face the economical aspect in general, but also enriches it with global-, micro- and macro-economic issues. On the other hand, students will learn how to handle the challenge of Media Management, i.e. dealing with the interface between design, creative execution and communication. Students, who specialize in Media Management, learn how to apply their knowledge of interdisciplinary professional competence and leadership skills, which are essential to the success of any communicative project, in their future professional career.

This course combines social and communication science with journalistic aspects, which are essential for the proper management of internal and external communication in an organization. Graduates of Corporate Communications are able to transfer their expertise to the journalistic and communicative needs and requirements in any field of corporate communication – in single media as well as cross media.

Students who specialize in Audiovisual Media will learn how to combine media technology and media design, and will become capable of developing not only the conceptual design and feasibility of media productions, but will also learn how to apply this creative quality on technical productivity, optimization, and production processes. In addition, this course focuses on the deep implementation of all areas covered by the media. In the age of digital media, cross-media combination—which includes visual, auditory, and textual aspects—is essential for the creation of aesthetic media.
The graduate knows the possibilities and limits of each key medium, which are defined by the technical and creative aspects. In addition to professional and methodical skills, the graduate has strengthened his/her social and functional leadership competencies.

Every department is equipped with modern state-of-the-art technology, and our facilities and studios for sound recording, television and film, computer animation, and interactive media are among the best equipped in educational institutions across Europe. Our students receive lectures, interactive lectures, consultations and participations in interesting practical projects from highly qualified, experienced and motivated professors and staff.