Study Contents

High definition 3D-cinema, amazing visual effects, impressive surround sound mixing, entertaining interactive TV or intelligent multiplayer games: Technological innovations are the driving force for all new media ideas.
These are the best prospects for media engineers, who combine technical expertise and a profound knowledge of conception and design. The industry is looking for team-minded specialists with curiosity for adjacent fields – modern media needs to be produced with an increased cross-medial focus.

The HdM Media Master Audio-Visual Media qualifies students to become these engineers. Graduates of media engineering and design bachelor courses extend their know-how in mathematics and informatics and specialize on one of the four majors: Sound, Computer Grafics/-Animation, Interactive Systems/Games or TV/Film.

Audio-Visual Media Majors

Compulsory Classes

  • Modeling and Simulation 1
  • Modeling and Simulation 2
  • Computer Vision
  • Modern Technologies for Image Processing
  • Master Project Computer Graphics/Computer Animation

Compulsory Classes

  • Interactive Media
  • Human-Machine Systems
  • Game Development
  • Master Project Interactive Systems/Games

Compulsory Classes

  • Sound Engineering
  • Current Questions in Sound Engineering
  • Composition and Film
  • Analysis of Music Recordings
  • Master Project Sound

Compulsory Classes

  • Media Production
  • Film Technology
  • Seminar Film Technology
  • TV Technology
  • Seminar TV Technology
  • Master Project Film/TV

Elective Classes

  • Communications Engineering
  • Workshop Sound
  • Workshop TV Technology
  • Workshop TV Design
  • Seminar Computer Graphics
  • Film Making
  • Media Theory and History
  • Dramaturgy/Scenography
  • Direction/Staging
  • Storytelling
  • Photography
  • Photography Production
  • Media Art
  • Interface Design
  • Game Art
  • Workshop Design Technology
  • Team Workshop Radio
  • Development and Design of Documentaries
  • Conception of Interactive Media/Games
  • Multimedia Studying/Serious Games
  • Usability and User Experience Research
  • Technical Game Design
  • Moderation
  • Interview
  • Various Projects
  • Recent Topics

Apart from gaining technical and methodical knowledge, this course promotes interdisciplinary collaborations, independence and the development of social and leadership skills though the high amount of practical work. The students have access to highly modern recording studios, post production studios, media laboratories and presentation rooms with a professional infrastructure of market-leading manufacturers.


The HdM Media Master Audio-Visual Media takes three semesters.
All students attend classes in mathematics and informatics in Semester 1 together. Simultaneously, they start specializing on their individual major.

Semester 2 consists of a practical master project with an engineering entitlement as well as other individually chosen classes. The freedom to choose is the biggest trademark of this course: Students can choose from over 20 classes, from Film Making to Game Art, from Communications Engineering to Interface Design, from Storytelling to Sound workshops.

The master thesis is part of the third semester.

Due to individual module choices, the studies consists usually of 60% technical and 40% conceptional and creative parts. Graduates get the academic title Master of Engineering (M.Eng.).

Future Perspective

Students graduating from the HdM Media Master Audio-Visual Media gain qualifications as engineering specialists with executive tasks in the middle or upper management.

Fields of application are e.g.

  • Movie productions
  • TV- and Radio Production
  • Visual Effects Studios
  • Multimedia agencies
  • Games- and Music Industry
  • Research and development departments of hard- and software manufacturers


Graduates are working as e.g. media engineer, production manager, computer animator, visual effects supervisor, sound engineer, game developer, interaction designer, or in the technical sales and distribution department. Some graduates also start as successful freelancers.