Stuttgart is a modern European city, where you can discover the typical customs of the region, its varied cuisine, modern architecture and intercultural entertainment. Stuttgart is also famous for being one of the major industrial centers of Germany. The birthplace of famous car companies such as the Daimler AG (creator of the brand Mercedes-Benz and inventor of the automobile) and the Porsche AG as well as the Robert Bosch GmbH, a large industrial company producing e.g. household appliances, automotive parts, and technology.

The attractiveness of Stuttgart is not only focused on industrial development. It is also considered as one of the greenest cities in Europe. Indeed, it has many forests, parks, gardens and a zoo. All of this makes Stuttgart one of the most attractive German cities for families, athletes and anyone who wants to combine living in an urban area and enjoying the benefits of having nature right around the corner.

Cannstatter Wasen

Stuttgart is also known for the cultural richness of the Swabian region, the gentile inhabitants and the characteristical dialect (Schwäbisch). The native extensive culinary culture, traditional wineries and vineyards as well as the cheerful and popular festivities are distinctive and give life to each season. Some of these festivals are for example the “Stuttgarter Sommerfest” in August, the “Stuttgarter Weindorf” in September, the “Canstatter Volksfest” in October (second largest beer festival in the world after the famous “Oktoberfest ” in Munich) and the “Stuttgarter Weihnachtsmarkt” in December. The city is also a venue for international fairs and conferences.

If you love to shop, you best head to the “Königstraße”, currently one of the longest pedestrian shopping streets in Europe. It is a 1.2 km long shopping paradise with over 380 shops and boutiques. If you prefer shopping in a mall, visit the “Milaneo” or the “Gerber”.

Also Stuttgart offers cultural variety, ranging from a visit to its famous ballet, opera and museums to lively local fiestas in some fashion clubs. For lovers of fine cuisine the city is a fascinating place to delight the most discerning palate, publications such as “yelp” or “Prinz” are of great help in finding the place to taste the delicacies of the region and the world.

If you want some fun and entertainment in sports, you should visit one of many sports clubs offered by the city council. It doesn’t only serve to get better discipline and a good shape, it is also an easy way to get in touch with the locals and to create bonds of lasting friendships. Also there are a lot of clubs and pubs downtown, where you can hang out with friends and have the time of your life.

U-Bahn Stuttgart, VVS

The Swabian metropolis has a comprehensive transport system, which offers S-Bahn (urban railway), U-Bahn (underground) and a structured system of buses that frequently run between Stuttgart and surroundings. It is faster and cheaper to acquire a monthly ticket that covers the busiest areas.

As a student, you benefit from special deals offered by the VVS (Verkehrsbund Stuttgart). You can buy a semester ticket for a very reasonable price, which enables you to travel unrestricted throughout the entire road network of the public transport system. You can get a semester ticket at one of the sales points of the VVS system, located in central areas as Hauptbahnhof, Stadtmitte or Charlottenplatz.

The student identity card allows you to use the transport system for free from Monday to Friday from 6 pm and on Saturday, Sunday and on holiday all day through. Don’t forget to make sure, that you update your student identity card with the current semester registration. You can validate it at special automats which are located in the entrance hall of the building “Nobelstraße 8”.