Students from Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Austria, the Netherlands, France, China and Ecuador have been participating in the master program since 2007. We asked some of them about their experience: What did they like best at the Stuttgart Media University and its master program? When did they apply? How did they find accommodation and what are their recommendations for other foreign students who want to apply? Listen to what they have to tell you …

Luis Armoroso, Ecuador


Name: Luis Amoroso
Age: 27
Home country: Ecuador
Degree in: Electrical and Communications Engineering
University: Universidad Técnica de Ambato – Ecuador
Tips: “Learn German. That’s it. There is no other way.”

Si Shen, China


Name: Si Shen
Age: 27
Home country: China, Beijing
In Germany since: 2006
Degree in: B. Eng. Audiovisuelle Medien
University: Stuttgart Media University
Tips: “Learn German before you come to study in Germany. Make friends because they can really help and support you.”